Rafeining ehf has a long and successful experience in different electrical projects such as residential/industrial electricity, marine electricity, panel building and different types of machine repair.

During the 30 years  we´ve had the pleasure of working for many large and small companies both in Iceland and in different locations in Europe. Also a large number of individuals have been our customers for years. To all those we are very thankful and proud to service.

Rafeining has also done a lot of projects for the shipping industry both new installations, repairs, and panel building. Our biggest customer in the marine electricity has been Samherji h/f and their subsidiary´s in different countries in Europe.

Also we had the honor of building 12 panels for Gozo Channel in Malta in order to use for the ferries going between Malta and Gozo. Those panels were for propulsion thrusters 1000KW on their ferries. The panels were build in our workshop in Hafnarfjordur and then transported and installed in Malta were we assisted with installation and testing afterwards.

Rafeining has for a number of years manufactured control panels for waste water tanks. We´ve sold those panels to many indivituals and townships in Iceland such as Hafnarfjordur, Akranes, Siglufjordur and Mosfellsbaer.

We´ve also manufactured panels for fresh water pumping both for two or three pumps and they´re controlled by frequency inverters.

Through the years we´ve also build a large number of distributor panels of all sizes for our customers.

Rafeining is also an authorized service company for the following equipment:

Generator sets and related equipment:

Automatic Voltage Regulators from Emri in Netherlands

Generator sets from Teksan

Frequency inverters and soft starters:
– Danfoss and Emotron

Welding, Plasma and cleaning machines






Kuhtreiber (KiTin)





Surfox (Bio-Circle)


Thermal Dynamics



Rafeining is also a spare part and consumable supplier for Miller and Selco machinery.