Rafeining ehf is a family owned company established in 1988.

Owners are Fridrik Gardarsson electrical contractor who is the manager and Asthildur Flygenring office manager. Their two sons Gunnar Orn and Haraldur have a long and successful work career at the company. In the spring of 2018 one additional electrician Odinn Mar Oskarsson became a part of our team.

Rafeining ehf performs all types of electrical work such as residential and industrial installations, electrical work for the shipping industry, different types of panel buildings and repair of different types of machinery such as welding and plasma machines, frequency inverters and soft starters etc.

In addition to our electrical work Rafeining is representing different European manufactures and has this division been growing successfully in the past years.

Images from our projects


Flatahrauni 5B – 220 Hafnarfirði